4 tips on saving money

Today I will give you 4 tips on how you can save money. I agree life can get really hard when you just get your paycheck today and by tomorrow you will only have half of it left in your account wondering where the money disappeared, I guess that is the story for everyone. So below I have listed 4 tips that I concentrate on and which has helped me alot with saving my money.

1) Rule number 1: Dont buy things you dont want, There are two catagories things you need and things you want. You need to first think do I need this or do I want this. Only purchase things you need this will help you save alot of money.

2) Rule number 2: Put your money a side into your savings first, As soon as your pay comes in have a fixed amount that you should transfer straight into your savings account and dont touch that money. By doing this you wont have to worry about not having money and you will know you have money a side in yout savings account.

3) Rule number 3: Try to avoid going shopping. The more you shop the more you will be tempted to purchase things you like and want when you really dont need them. Try entertaining yourself at home when you feel like shopping.

4) Rule number 4: Work hard, in order to save more money and have money in your wallet you need to give your best at work and work hard the more you work the more money you will gain.

I hope these tips will help you all on saving your bucks and having more money in the savings account. Work hard, earn more and be happy.


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